Got your solar panel and controller? Here are some solar panel accessories you might also need:

  • A good deep cycle battery to store the power generated by your panel. We supply various makes of AGM and Gel battery from 20Ah up to 260Ah.
  • If you want to run main equipment from the battery you’ll need an inverter. Sensitive or high power electrical equipment and computers work best with a pure sine wave inverter, but for occasional general use we also supply modified sine wave inverters.
  • To connect it all up you might need additional cabling. We supply spare cables for all the main panel brands, and can make waterproof Multicontact cables to order – just contact us to ask.
  •  Finally you may need to find a way to fix your panel in position. We supply off-the-shelf solar panel mounting systems for motorhomes and boats, and we can also fulfil more complex requirements – again, just contact us for details.