Latest Solar Panels:

Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels convert sunlight into electricity. You can see the working of Solar Panels here. Get the complete detail, size, watt, volt, working, technical specification and cost of all type of DC & AC Solar Panels. Solar Panels different sizes from 10w to 300w used for different applications accordingly we have divided in four categories:

1. 10w to 50 watt                 2. 60w to 100 watt

3. 125w to 200 watt             4. 250w to 300 watt

1) 10 watt to 50 watt Solar Panels:

Solar Panels

With a nominal 12-volt DC output, the 3w to 50w solar panel is appropriate for off-grid (with battery) applications including Solar Lantran, Solar Garden Lights, Solar Power Banks, street lightning etc. It is an especially good choice if low light is an issue.

2) 75 watt to 100 watt Solar Panels:

Solar Panels

60w to 100w solar modules can also be a great way to charge a 12 volt battery and some 60w to 100w Home Lighting Kits are designed specifically for this purpose and to Charge the battery of Home Inverters also.

3) 150 watt to 200 watt Solar Panels:

Solar Panels Price

With a nominal 12-volt DC output, these solar panels are appropriate for off-grid applications including RVs, street lighting, water pumping, navigation lights, traffic signs and signals. It is an especially good choice if low light is an issue at your installation site.

4) 250 watt to 300 watt Solar Panels Price:

300 watt Solar Panels Price

These Solar Panels comes in 24-Volt DC output. These Solar panels are the perfect solar Energy panels for residential rooftop solar power systems and off-grid and grid-tie commercial or industrial systems. In Maximum big Projects these solar are used.